John Denver Sanctuary Quote Aspen Colorado. (C)

Quote from the John Denver Sanctuary, in Aspen, Colorado

John Denver Sanctuary Quote Aspen Colorado. (C)

The John Denver Sanctuary, in Aspen, Colorado USA. Here, upon several boulders are inscribed several quotations, many by the notable John Denver. This specific rock reads, "No one person has to do it all, but if each one of us follows our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do and together we will come up with enough to create a sustanable future and a healthy environment. - John Denver"

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Rory Young is the owner of RyPix and a photographer around Denver, Colorado, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Whether photographing the Eiffel on the Seine, or evading 1,100lb Alaskan grizzlies to capture rugged mountain vistas, he strives to carry quality and passion from the lens to the print. His unique style shows, whether in portraiture, landscape, or event photography.

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