Song: Lord’s Sunrise (On eagle’s wings)

Denver Colorado and Event Photography by Rory Young. (C)
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2017)

Sometimes, I write songs, if they come to mind. Seeing the sunrise, this morning, I felt bathed in glory new found. It was amazing. My heart was humbled by God’s many blessings. So, what could I do, but write a song of praise and blessing. Feel free to share, if you think this could bless someone. I hope that you’ll think upon it, and give our Creator blessings for the day. It’s called: Lord’s Sunrise ( On eagle’s wings )

 Lord’s Sunrise ( On eagle’s wings )

Oh, Lord, I see the radiant sunrise,
Racing over the mountains,
encircling the earth.

Giving strength to all the nations
Showing your mercy,
proclaiming your worth.

Your light,
it shines in my darkness,
Giving me power,
showing the way.

And I will rise as an eagle,
Testing my feathers
in Your glorious day.


God of power, of endless ways.
You’ll see me safely on through this day.
Giving you glory as you lead me on

You are the Lord of the radiant dawn.

Flying high over mountains,
on through the grasslands,
I sail to the ocean, amidst spray and swell.

Surely enduring love will keep me
From difficult canyons,
where darkness does dwell.


God of power, of endless ways
You’ll see me safely on through this day.
Giving you glory as you lead me on

You are the Lord of the radiant dawn.
Oh, you are the Lord of this radiant dawn.

Though I am bathed in your glory
with unending will,
There’s mortal breath in my body,

I’m growing older…
Some day my call will be silenced
And these feathers will still.

Yet I will rest
in the promise
Of Your eternal way.

And I will keep on flying
Towards your glorious sunset.
Through the darkening day.

Though my body grows weary,
my feathers grow heavy,
And I can’t see my way on.

Still, When this eagle has landed
You’ll clothe me anew,
and welcome me home.


God of power, of endless might
You’ll see me safely on through the night
Showing your mercies in glorious ways

You are the Lord of all of my days.
(Yes,) you are the Lord of all of my days.

– by Rory K. Young
[Originally posted, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 11:12am MST]


Rory Young is the owner of RyPix and a photographer around Denver, Colorado, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Whether photographing the Eiffel on the Seine, or evading 1,100lb Alaskan grizzlies to capture rugged mountain vistas, he strives to carry quality and passion from the lens to the print. His unique style shows, whether in portraiture, landscape, or event photography.


  1. Linda Luke says:

    Rory Young, shining your camera light on life so precious few would see. You capture the spirit within everything and speak wisdom beyond my grasp, yet teaching me new ways to live and love. Thanks for being on the planet with me my friend. If you want pictures that you will cherish forever, call Rory.

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