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When Android tablets came out, I was overjoyed. Being a past Linux developer, I was pleased to see Linux taking on the market with cool tablets, smart phones, and other such devices. Linux was awesome! I didn’t need to go to the dark side… you know. There was no need to tread on the iPad side of life. Or so I thought.

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Friends with tablets

But, along came Patrick. He was my son, Brandon’s, friend. Patrick was often at our home, usually on nights when we made pizza or some other awesome type of homemade food. Patrick has the uncanny ability to know when we’re making large amounts of food, and he often shows up just before the food is hot, fresh, savory, and ready to take out of the oven.

So, Patrick shows up one evening, with an older iPad 3rd Generation, with the 30 pin connector, the same connector as used on the older iPods. That was pretty neat, since the same charger cord could work between the two devices (I had an older iPod).

Purchasing my first iPad

I purchased the iPad from Patrick for a pretty good used price, wiped it, and began my iPad journey. I had already made the switch from an Android phone to the iPhone, so I already had a decent understanding of IOS devices, so the switch from an Android tablet to an iPad tablet was pretty smooth. Right away, I could use email, social apps, and stream my Christian radio. It was an older iPad, and while not particularly fast, it nevertheless performed admirably, streaming video beautifully, delivering social media, and did everything well while keeping me connected to the Internet. Things were good.

Smooth sailing

Things went pretty smoothly after that, iPad-wise. I used my Kindle, my OliveTree Bible App, YouVersion Bible, email, and most other apps quite regularly. The iPad only had 16Gig, but that didn’t particularly bother me. I had Apple’s cloud to upload images to, and while that performed well, I pretty much kept everything clean and well running. The only major backup was my email, because I simply kept alot of older emails.

I used my iPad as most did. At church, it was my YouVersion Bible. I used OliveTree Study Bible for multi-page Bible study. I listened to streaming music and radio. Words with Friends was not a stranger. Nor was FaceBook. The Kindle app on the iPad I was particularly fond of, and NetFlix and Hulu were nice. The iPad was a good addition, and while this specific model was good, it wasn’t the fastest… but it handled everything very well, so I saw no need for any change. All good.

IOS Calendar

Out with the old

Until one day when the prior owner came back to our home. For dinner, of course. They expressed an interest in purchasing back the iPad; they could use it for the drone that they had. And, they would pay cash. Christmas was coming up, I was in a pretty good mood, and besides, black Friday was upcoming, so I decided to check on new iPad Air 2 prices. And what do you know… they were on sale for a decent price. The money for the original, plus a little from the RyPix income, would serve Black Friday well.

Best Buy had a great deal on my product. Oh yeah… I searched out deals galore. Amazon, eBay, you name it. I looked high and low. New, used, etc. One of my “wants” was to have the GPS feature of the iPad, because it would allow me to have maps when out on Colorado and Utah trails, etc. Well, lo and behold, Best Buy had the cellular version ( which has GPS ) on sale, complete with 64G of storage. Beautiful. Sale made. Ipad carried home in the passenger seat, with the seat belt holding it in.

In with the new…

So, that night, I gingerly took the shiny iPad, turned it on, registered it, and began setting up email, social media, etc. I had my doubts… Would this iPad stand up to the test of my usage? Had I just made a poor buying decision? Would I be doomed to suffer the dreaded buyer’s remorse? Would people look at me, see my iPad, and point at me while talking to their child and say, “Look, son, there goes another poor soul who thought that they could rise above the Android tablet revolution, yet was sucked in by the iPad hype. They desired to rise above the clouds and fly like eagles, yet succumbed to the same fate as Icarus, flying too close to the sun.”

Oh, my… had I, too, suffered the same fate? Had I flown too close to perfection, and was I now falling without wings?

First Impressions

Wow, this is definitely not my old iPad. This baby is quick. Apple has done their homework, here.

The iPad Air 2 is fast. Responsive. The size is a nice fit in my hands. And, I pulled out the Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard I had shelved from my earlier Android tablet; it worked perfectly. So well, in fact, that I’m actually composing this Blog Post on my iPad with the Bluetooth keyboard. How about that?


Chat works well. And, the communication between my iPhone and iPad work pretty well. I can even answer telephone calls on my iPad if the two are on the same wifi network. Respond to texts, too.

Here’s a shot of the WordPress Admin area as I’m uploading these photos for this Post:

Personal Verdict

So, in retrospect, what has changed for me, with the addition of this item or product in my life? I mean, that’s the real takeaway, right? We only really want to add things into our lives if they can enrich us or bring a positive sense into our life ( satisfaction, utility, etc ). Did this little tablet accomplish any of this?

In short, I’ve found that using the iPad as a utility device allows me to perform various important functions in my daily life. While it does perform some non-essential things such as Social Media and games, it also serves more serious functions, such as Email, Bill Payments, Banking, as well as allowing management of my photography website. Also, I can accept credit card payments, run sales reports, create business documents and respond to client requests. Granted, I could do pretty much all of this with the older iPad, but the Air 2 seems instantaneous and made for doing business. To phrase an old idea with Apple, “It just works”. And work well, it does.

One of the added caveats that’s really benefitted me is the addition of the Google Drive App to my workflow. Now, I can edit spreadsheets, documents, etc, all with the confidence of knowing that they’re available for me when I’m at my desktop at home, as well. No need for thumb drives or emailing things to different accounts just to keep track of workflow items. Simply put, Apple has worked hard to simplify the integrated workflow process on their tablets, making the task of using the iPad a nice addition to our daily lives. That’s simply what’s echoed home to me as I use this tablet.

Finally, a way to simplify while maximizing workflow, productivity and enjoyment.

Good job, Apple.


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