Original moon photo of john denver spirit statue in windstar.

Photo: JD Spirit Statue by Starlight

Original moon photo of john denver spirit statue in windstar.

The Spirit Statue of John Denver by moonlight, in it's original Windstar location, in Old Snowmass, Colorado. Note that, due to the age of the camera/sensor, this photograph DOES have grain. Still, I have been asked to make this photo available. So, please be advised that this photograph is here for archival purposes, and for those who specifically desire it. Thank you.

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Rory Young is the owner of RyPix and a photographer around Denver, Colorado, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Whether photographing the Eiffel on the Seine, or evading 1,100lb Alaskan grizzlies to capture rugged mountain vistas, he strives to carry quality and passion from the lens to the print. His unique style shows, whether in portraiture, landscape, or event photography.

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